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How to Become a Building Inspector

How to Become a Building Inspector

To become a building inspector, you should first obtain a high school diploma or an Associate’s degree in construction. You will then need to take tests to qualify for certification. Then, you need to know how to conduct inspections and explain any problems that you find. The certification process can be tricky, but you can get some help in the process by learning about construction and architecture. You should also be aware of the working hours and certification process.

To become a building inspector, you need only a high school diploma. However, employers may prefer that you have a degree in engineering, architecture or building inspection technology. On the job training is commonly provided, but one to five years of related experience is usually necessary to be hired.

How do you become a certified building inspector in California?
How to Become a Building Inspector

Obtaining a high school diploma

Obtaining a high school diploma is not the only requirement for becoming a building inspector. Many employers are looking for people with a college degree. Some will even require a bachelor’s degree. The type of degree you receive is not as important as the coursework you take. Obtaining courses in architecture, mathematics, and computer science is beneficial for the field. Building codes are also important to master.

As a building inspector, you’ll work for a county or city to inspect commercial or residential construction projects. As a building inspector, you’ll monitor the progress of construction at different stages and then sign an occupation certificate when the work is complete. On the other hand, you can become a home inspector, a position that’s not affiliated with a governmental agency. Home inspectors inspect homes before they are sold, to determine whether they’re in good condition and require repairs.

Obtaining an Associate’s Degree

The prerequisites for a career in this field vary depending on where you live and what you plan to study. An Associate’s degree program requires thirty-eight credits while a certificate program requires fewer. Both certificate and associate degree programs include general education courses as well as electives. Courses in this program help build inspection and building code skills and prepare students for licensure. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is highly desirable but not required.

The certification process is not difficult. After obtaining the necessary education and work experience, many states require that you take a certification exam. These exams are usually multiple choice questions administered by professional organizations, such as the International Code Council. You will also need to pass a proctored examination to be certified in your state. The certification requirements vary from state to state, but you must take them in order to work as a building inspector.

How to Become a Building Inspector
How to Become a Building Inspector

Obtaining a certification

If you want to become a building inspector, you should earn a Certificate of Completion in Building Inspection. This certification will train you in general building code compliance inspection, or you can focus on specific areas of code compliance. After you obtain this certificate, you may want to pursue a career in architecture, construction management, or finance. There are many different opportunities available in the construction industry, and you can find a variety of employment options in the Sacramento Valley by earning a certification in building inspection.

For entry-level positions, most employers require at least a high school diploma. Others prefer candidates with an associate’s degree in architecture, engineering, or construction. Building inspection technology degrees can be obtained from a community college. While earning your certificate, you should take courses in mathematics, algebra, and other vocational subjects. If you are interested in opening your own building inspection business, a degree in building inspection can give you an edge over others.

Working hours

The working hours of a building inspector vary, but are usually between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, some inspectors work on weekends, after hours, or on holiday periods. Hours of inspection may also vary depending on the state and location. Some inspectors work weekends, but their hours are usually similar. In addition, they may be required to spend some time in an office setting writing reports or interacting with building owners.

Most building inspectors work on their own, though some work in teams. They are typically employed by local governments, engineering firms, or government agencies. The minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma, although some employers prefer candidates with a college degree. A building inspector may also have prior experience in another construction trade. To get started, check government job listings, or look in classified ads for openings. They must have a COVID-19 vaccination card and wear a mask while on the job.

If you’re looking for a career in engineering, or even just a change of pace, becoming a building inspector could be the right fit for you. And regardless of your background, it’s safe to say that few jobs will give you as much variety as this one but making sure that your clients’ buildings are structurally sound and meeting safety codes can be challenging work. So if you think you’re up to the task, take a look at our​ learning guide above and get ready to experience the fascinating world of building inspection.

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