How to Dispose of Rubbish For Free in Berlin

in Berlin, there are a few different ways to dispose of your rubbish for free. Public trash bins are available in most areas, and some boxes will even accept recyclables. Most public recycling boxes will accept glass, but you can also find them for clothes and other items. The city also has an official trash dump and several Recycling Centers.

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If you are living in Berlin and would like to dispose of your rubbish for free, you need to follow the rules and regulations set by the Berlin city council. For instance, you must have a vehicle registration and must purchase a permit. You can also donate used tires or sell them for a nominal fee. Another option is to donate your old appliances. Many companies and organizations in Berlin collect used appliances for free. Some are even selling them for a discount price.

The recycling system in Germany is a great way to reduce waste and to do your part in reducing it. There are many recycling bins and you need to know which one is for which type of rubbish. In general, you can find large metal bins at many public locations across the country. However, you should be careful when throwing away broken boxes or stained papers. If you are worried about contaminating the bin, it is better to take them to the restmull.


Residents of Berlin can dispose of rubbish for free by incinerating it in a waste incinerator. There are various types of wastes that can be disposed of in this method. They include bio waste, ash, cigarette butts, and old household objects. In addition to this, these wastes include nylon stockings, nappies, personal hygiene products, and extremely dirty paper.

Bulky waste is waste that is too large to fit into a regular rubbish bin. This includes items such as mattresses and floor coverings that need to be disposed of. In addition, electrical appliances and scrap metal are also needed to be disposed of.

Bulky waste collection

In Berlin, the garbage service BSR has several recycling centers where you can dispose of your unwanted furniture, appliances, and other items. Some of these items can be donated to organizations in need. Others will need to be taken to a waste incineration facility for disposal. You will need to pay a small fee for these services. Some types of rubbish can also be sold at second- hand stores.

For this service, residents must have a valid vehicle registration and purchase a standard AVRRDD quadruple form that includes a white copy (receipt) for limited items and four colored one-day passes. Each household is allowed to purchase a permit only once every twelve months. Check the website for the complete list of acceptable items.

AVRRDD quadruple form

Residents of Berlin must have a valid vehicle registration and purchase an AVRRDD quadruple form. This form contains a white copy (receipt) for certain limited items and four colored one-day passes. The AVRRDD website has a list of items accepted and you may find it by clicking the link provided. The permit is good for 12 months.

Rubbish collection in Berlin is coordinated by the city’s Department of Public Works. The department’s crews are on hand Monday through Thursday to pick up curbside trash and solid waste.


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