Which Greek Island Has Bluest Water?

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You can choose a Greek island just by showing where you’d like to go. The map will show you every island near you and give you an easy way to get its name and whether it is recommended for a vacation.

If you’re planning a holiday to Greece, you’ll probably want to go on an island with blue water. Here are some options: Thassos, Mykonos, Antipaxos, and Karpathos. Which one is right for you?


If you are searching for a relaxing holiday, Thassos is a great choice. This picturesque island offers plenty of things to do and see. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and the archeological sites on the island. There are also many hiking and walking trails that take you through the island’s beautiful countryside.


If you’re looking for a beautiful beach with a great view of the sunset, Mykonos has many options. Its beaches are renowned for their beautiful blue water and white buildings. During the summer months, the water can be as warm as 27C. Platys Gialos Beach is one of the best beaches in Mykonos, as it is a great starting point for exploring the island. The area also has some of the best hotels and restaurants on the island. This lively area is also perfect for swimming, with shallow water perfect for splashing around.


A visit to Antipaxos is sure to delight any traveler looking for some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in Greece. The island has one of the most picturesque coastlines in Greece, and its famously clear blue water will be a sight to behold. The island is home to several beaches, both sandy and pebbly, and many beach tavernas line them. Antipaxos is also covered in vineyards, and its residents are proud of their wine. The island is a popular day trip destination for visitors from Paxos, but accommodation options are limited compared to many other Greek islands. It is also only accessible by water taxi from the Paxos harbor.


A holiday to Karpathos is an excellent way to relax and unwind in Greece’s beautiful blue waters. This island has some of the most pristine beaches in Greece, many of them secluded, and plenty of beautiful landscapes. There are also some of the best diving spots in Greece, which is sure to please the avid diver.


One of the most stunning features of Milos is its blue water. It is the bluest water in Greece, and the island is perfect for snorkeling, diving, and swimming. The island is uninhabited and there are no roads or buildings on the island. The island has a laid-back atmosphere, which adds to its appeal.


Located on the northwest tip of the island, Sikinos has the bluest waters in Greece. The island has three beaches, which are easily accessible by car. You can also take a hike or take a boat trip to reach other beaches. Sikinos is also home to the largest cave in the Cyclades, Mavri Spilia.


Schinousa is home to one of the clearest waters in Greece. Located off the western coast, it is a mere fifteen- minute walk from the capital, Chora. The town is charming and offers many opportunities for sight-seeing. The village’s central square is a charming spot with a few quaint restaurants. Two ferry ticket offices are situated here, too.


Located south of Naxos, the small island of Iraklia is a peaceful retreat for those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The island is unspoilt by mass tourism, boasting stunning beaches, a quaint hilly landscape, and friendly locals. The island is home to two small villages, Panayia and Ayios Georgios, with traditional architecture.

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